Generating income is what owning rental property is all about. That’s why owners of thousands of apartment units throughout San Diego County have chosen Prime Asset Management to manage their properties during the past 25 years. Our team of knowledgeable and licensed real estate professionals will maximize your property’s income, while minimizing expenses through our network of experienced and low-cost vendors.

We take personal pride in managing properties, and will partner with you to define the challenges, and find the details that make each property unique, and we are always easy to reach. Click the PROPOSAL link to find out how Prime Asset Management can improve your property’s performance.


  • 1) Local market knowledge and experience

    We’ve been managing multifamily properties throughout San Diego County for 25 years. We regularly survey neighborhoods for rent rates with similar units, and look for trends and changes in neighborhood demographics. And we keep up-to-date on changing laws and regulations

  • 2) Marketing and advertising

    We promptly market vacancies by placing ads on our website, on Craigslist, and other online advertising resources. We update ads frequently to ensure we’re reaching the right prospects to rent vacancies quickly to well-qualified tenants. At the property we display signs, flyers, and banners. Sometimes we run incentives to increase leasing traffic.

  • 3) Screening and qualifying applicants

    During the application process, we provide all prospective tenants with a copy of our screening criteria. We screen each application for accuracy, for verifiable income, credit history, rental history, and criminal background. The application and screening report is carefully evaluated by the property manager before a decision is made to approve or deny the application.

  • 4) Lease signing and enforcement

    We prepare a Lease/Rental Agreement that is reviewed and signed by each adult tenant. We enforce the terms of the Lease/Rental Agreement by monitoring the tenancy, and immediately informing the tenant of any violations. Our leases are updated regularly with the new laws and rental policies.

  • 5) Rent collection and delinquencies

    Rent payments are collected and processed on-site, or can be mailed to the property management office for processing. We also offer tenants the option to have payments withdrawn automatically from their checking account, or they can pay online through our website. If rent is not received by the due date, we immediately serve the tenant with a late notice and charge a late fee. If the tenant fails to respond to the late notice, we begin legal proceedings to evict the tenant from the premises.

  • 6) Monthly accounting and reporting

    Beginning of each month, owners receive a packet of financial reports for the prior month. The packet includes: 1) Cash Flow with Year-To-Date Comparison, 2) Checks/Deposits Listing, 3) Rent Roll Analysis, 4) Cash Flow 12-Month Comparison. The reports are easy to read and understand, and can be tailored to an owner’s specific needs. The reports are either mailed or email, depending on owner preference. Owner income is distributed at the beginning of the month, and payment can either be mailed or directly deposited into the owner’s bank account. Sample reports are available for downloading at the bottom of the page.

  • 7) Maintenance and repairs

    Prolonging the life of an owner’s investment property is important, while maintaining its profitability by controlling expenses. That’s why we have a maintenance and repair system that quickly responds to tenant request and emergencies. Our network of experienced and low-cost vendors ensures repairs are completed quickly, competently, and within budget. For major repairs or improvements, estimates are obtained and evaluated to determine the best value for the owner. We do not markup or charge extra on repair or improvement expenses.

  • 8) After hours emergencies

    We take responsibility for owner properties 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When an emergency occurs, tenants can call a 24 hour emergency phone number. An experienced, on-call property manager will be available to immediately address the emergency.

  • 9) Move-out processing and re-renting

    When a tenant gives notice of intent to move-out, we immediately begin advertising to re-rent the unit. Once the old tenant moves out, we immediately prepare the unit for re-renting by repairing, cleaning, and if necessary, repainting the unit. We process the old tenant’s Security Deposit, deducting for move-out expenses, and for damages beyond normal wear and tear. Our goal is to re-rent the unit as quickly as possible to ensure steady rental income.

  • 10) Evictions and legal matters

    If rent is not received by the due date, and the tenant does not respond to our written and verbal request to pay, we immediately begin legal proceedings to regain possession of the unit. We work with an experienced and inexpensive eviction attorney, and do not charge extra for our staff’s time to appear in court, nor do we mark-up the attorney’s expenses. And if other legal matters occur that require specialized legal expertise, we can refer owners to other experience real estate attorneys.

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Owner Testimonials

I have been with Prime Asset Management since they began. They have provided careful and effective service in all phases of their operations. All their staff are dedicated professionals. I cannot recommend Prime Asset highly enough. This opinion comes from the experience of being an owner and operator in rental real estate for over 40 years in San Diego. Prime Asset and Jim Purdy have been as much an asset as the properties themselves.

Victor Laruccia

I first met Jim Purdy, President of Prime Asset Management, over 22 years ago in 1992. Through the years, Jim and his team have done a very professional job of managing my properties and my clients’ properties. Property management is a difficult business and Jim has done a great job responding to changing conditions in the rental marketplace. I rely on Jim’s vast experience to help me analyze potential new properties. Jim uses outside vendors who work at reasonable rates and I really appreciate his strong focus on keeping property expenses as low as possible. His team keeps my units rented at market rents and vacancies are rare. Turnovers are handled quickly and efficiently. I am extremely pleased with Jim and his team and happy to recommend them to other apartment owners.

John M.

Owner Reports