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Since 1987...

Prime Asset Management has been managing multifamily properties since 1987, and has grown to become one of San Diego’s leading and most experienced property management companies. Our commitment to quality and service is why owners chose Prime Asset Management to manage thousands of apartments units throughout San Diego County.

We are a full service property management company, committed to providing tenants and owners with sound performance, open communication, and trust. Our team of knowledgeable and licensed real estate professionals ensure tenant expectations are met, and owner expectations for income are maximized. We treat each and every property like it were our own.

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Our experienced and qualified staff is committed to excellent customer service to exceed the expectations of owners and tenants.


Staff Information

Prime Asset Management is a full service property management company that has taken on some of the most challenging properties throughout San Diego County. Under the leadership of Jim Purdy, who has been managing commercial properties for over 25 years, our staff of property managers, accountants, and support staff have turned tough and challenging properties around, making them more livable for tenants, and more profitable for owners.

Our dedicated and experienced property managers are licensed real estate professionals, with years of experience, and knowledge of fair housing laws and local regulations. Our accountants ensure rents are processed under Bureau of Real Estate guidelines, that vendor invoices are paid on-time, and financial reports are prepared to owner specifications. Our maintenance coordinator ensures tenant repair requests are completely quickly, using our network of experienced and low-cost vendors. Our support staff makes sure tenant and owner communications are responded to, and all paperwork is filed. And at our larger properties the resident managers ensure properties are fully occupied, and are running smoothly.

At Prime Asset Management, our team is ready to exceed your expectations.

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